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Arlen G Clemons
Mr Grant
Fontana, CA  USA
Born on January 16, 1966.
My own artist page
Jazz : Smooth Jazz
A wonderful blend of virtually generated smooth jazz, funk, dance and world music centralized through the piano, acoustic guitar and the occasional synth lead.. Mr Grant is devoted to making music that tickles the ear and excites the senses.
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About Me
I love music! Creating, playing, recording, mixing, mastering you name it!!! I love music and the modern process of making music! I'm creative at the core and enjoy "the journey". It's the journey that makes the music. I love many different genres, but my passion is jazz (smooth jazz). I love to listen to other artists and can really appreciate when an artist is enjoying their craft. when that comes across in someone's music you can't help but bob your head and pat your feet! Music makes you move!!! :-)
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Miss You Already   I know women usually feel this way (ones that are truly in love that is), but do any men feel that way about their woman?
I do, but want to know if there are any other men out there that aren't afraid to admit it...
When you Embrace Me   When I write, its typically only about two individuals. God or my wife.
God gets the lion's share, but there are occasions when I get to lay one out there and I KNOW the inspiration has come from my relationship with her. For the record, EVERY song I've written in the last 3 years has reflected to some point a deeper understanding of love, healing and relationship. As it is obvious to me, this is only the grace of God, but it's more apparent that this is through the ever evolving relationship I am privileged to share with my wife. As we pursue loving each other, our perspective of ...
There's No Better Place Than Home   Thank you to EVERYONE that's listened to this song. This song's title has gripped me over the last few months and has been the catalyst for a "new attitude" in me. I've found it really apparent that the most rewarding things in life have NOTHING to do with money, fame, notoriety or anything like that. The most precious things in life have to do with family and loved ones. When we are close to our last breathes, we will NOT be looking to see how much money we made, or how many people likes our songs. The emphasis will be on loved ones. Who did we love. Did they love us? I believe one of...
Michael Duran Thanks Arlen!
always a treat when you visit,
The FusionFall Project thanks you kindly for your review of "BREAKOUT" :D :D :D
Ascenzion last edited on Sun Apr 8, 2018 @ 06:13 PM Hi Arlen - So cool of you to stop by. Much appreciation for the L&C of my two latest nostalgic funk infused tracks. Having fun using some vocal samples I found. It's all about the fun and fulfillment for me. Hope thing are going well for you. Just took a listen to your latest ballad. Incredible work my friend. (left comments) You continued to amazed and inspire us.

Peace and gratitude
Falken Hi Arlen how are you my friend? I was listening to my favorite singer,a Norwegian female vocalist. And there's a special song she does that I want to shear with you : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7GfhJaQ99M

Have a great upcoming week Arlen!
Not For The Mainstream What's up, Grant...
Happy belated, man!

Hope you're enjoying this New Year, my friend!

BTW, I just uploaded five new cover tune renditions... including one by Chaka Khan. Enjoy!!!

Ascenzion Happy Birthday Arlen! May your day be blessed. Keep those smooth awesome jazzy tracks coming.
Warm Regards -
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