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lissy h
United Kingdom
Born on October 9, 1990.
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Thank you for adding my song. Hope you keep enjoying acoustic guitar music! Patti
Hi again, Alicia, hope I don't seem to be hogging your message board, just came to thank you for being my SoundClick friend and including on your excellent stations my music and that of my bands and artistes. I've already found some brilliant tracks on some of your stations by some people I hadn't come across before :) Heather x
Hi Alicia, thank you for adding my songs to your stations, which is much appreciated :) I hope to add more soon, they are written and I'm playing them live at clubs etc, but haven't got round to recording them yet. I also have some new artistes to add to my list, must get on with that, too! Kindest regards and keep enjoying our music, SoundClick is the best site for it and you will meet some very nice people here, too :) Heather aka barrenelly x
thanxx for the add,how did you find my music?????
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