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Born on October 4, 1961.
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Finding new music
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Added to her playlist . Jul 22, 2018
Liked Hank Grant's song I'm Only Half The Answer. Jul 22, 2018
Liked Jodie S's song Holdin You. Sep 23, 2015
Liked Jodie S's song Oh What It Did to Me. Sep 23, 2015
Liked Hartmut Vormeng's song AND I LOVE HER. Jun 20, 2014
Liked ShyAnne Mailen's song Making My Dreams Come True. Jun 20, 2014
Liked Greg Austin's song If You Ever Come Back Home. Jun 19, 2014
Liked Greg Austin's song I'll Catch You If You Fall. Jun 19, 2014
Liked Greg Austin's song On Her Mind Again. Jun 19, 2014
Daniel Lee Williams
Hi Manya, thanks for taking the time to listen to my music...your support is GREATLY appreciated! I will be adding new tracks pretty frequently so feel free to stop by whenever you can to see what's new and leave a comment if you'd like. Again...thanks for your support!
Gabe Stenziano
hi. i hhope all is well. i've posted a new song if youre interested. its called 'an echo of the heart' . take care. later, gabe
Thanks for station adds :D Feel free to browse through my songs for more if you'd like...
Gabe Stenziano
thanks for all your kindness. the songs you chose for your stations are my favorites. glad to have you aboard as a friend. let me know when you stop by. keep in touch, gabe
Hayley Oliver
Hi Manya, :) thanks so much for all of the station adds, the friends request and the very kind complements about my music, it is all much appreciated, glad to be connected here on SC. wishing you a great day. Love Hayley
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