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Vincent S. Krivacsy Jr
Born on June 2, 1970.
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Rock : Progressive Rock
My favorite band is RUSH so naturally I am very much a fan of any progressive rock-hard rock-metal or whatever other genre of prog. However I love many other genres and styles as well. I best describe my stuff as VINNY K MUSIC :)
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Brilliant song Ariadawna! I shared it to my Twitter :-) I look forward to hearing more ;-)
Awesome I will check it out! Happy 2019 Ariadawna! :-)
Heres Swift Kick......I think you might really enjoy this...enjoy.... https://www.soundclick.com/html5/v4/player.cfm?songID=13810940
Beauty of Blue Moons on now Your vocals are so soothing and nice to listen to Katherine Gonna fall asleep to this one Sweet dreams ;-))
Katherine I am absolutely DIGGING your tune PAINTED SHREDD Xoxoxo That ass kicking pitch bending reminds me of the late great Richard Wright of Pink Floyd. Stuff like he did on Run Like Hell and DOGS omg EPIC. This is epic too! I've added the song to my vinnykster7 station playlist. I've posted lyrics to a bunch of tunes just now Transcendent, Providence, Jarred, Black Widow, Great Secret . You rock love reading your messages Kath Xoxoxox have a great week
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