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Mic Fahrenschazzle
Mic Rophone
Port Ludlow, wa  USA
Born on February 6, 1975.
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Alternative : Indie
An audio sketchbook. Independent, solo, experimental, artcore, progressive, post rock, avant rock, math rock, folk, art rock,
Alternative : Alternative General
Electronic : Experimental Sounds
holy, brainwashed, alien..
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About Me
Nice to meat you. Rest yer dogs, take a load off, remember the Alamo, give peace a chance, breakin' 2 electric boogaloo.
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ravi singh
thanks for the add fam. one.
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dat beat is crazy,I can dance to that. check out THE RIVALZ (www.soundclick.com/rivalz)
Hi Mic, Just wanted to drop by and wish you a good week. Best wishes, G I G S
Ken Trusler
Howdy Friend. Just stoppin by to wish you the best and to also let you know that I have just uploaded 2 new tracks onto my music page. I have also posted a new vid. All songs are free downloads so enjoy. Cheers, ken
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