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Pamela Jamian
Peace Ananda Music
Canyon Lake, CA  USA
May our musical pathways inspire spiritual and metaphysical awareness in each other and in our world!
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World : New Age
Peace Ananda Music is inspired by world wisdom traditions and dedicated to spiritual awareness. This uplifting and ambient new age music invokes interactive musical pathways for the attunement of individualized awareness with evolving Universal Oneness.
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About Me
Connecting spiritual pathways to daily life is not only my joy, but my passion. Participating as fully in this connection as possible through spiritual reading, reflection, meditation, contemplation, pathworking, and music.......followed by intuitive action brings a magical mystery to the unfoldment of the relationships and circumstances of life on this planet as I understand them. And I am grateful for this life journey, my family, dear friends & communities, the beauty of music and nature, and this particular time in history where conscious connectivity has a true home. Namaste! Baruch Bashan!
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