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Michael Triggs
Worcester, MA  USA
I'm just a hallucination caused by your overactive online imagination, or perhaps by that taco you ate last night.
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Electronic : Experimental Sounds
'Everything but the kitchen sink' electronica from the moderately unstable mind of a computer geek.
Electronic : Experimental Sounds
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About Me
Computer geek who likes to create synthesized-music.
The Morphine Architecture Of..   .. The New England Vatican.

I just uploaded a song by that name, testing the maximum limit that Soundclick allows you to name a song. =)

Go here for more information about this track:


I've been kind of quiet the last year or two, but I've been musically productive - I created two RPM Challenge albums and two other EPs. You can find a lot of it here, but I do plan on cross-posting it to Soundclick once I "airbrush" it a little:

Anybody doing the RPM Challenge this year?   Musicians will get a kick out of this. The goal for the RPM Challenge is to try and create an entire album written and recorded entirely in the month of February.

It's a lot of fun. (You may become psychologically imbalanced by the end of the month, though..)

Here's the link if you want to find out more:


AMUC: Baptism (Format Sea)   The second track from AMUC's Dead In Water has been uploaded to Soundclick. This one runs over ten minutes long, and just BARELY squeaked by under the maximum file size that Soundclick allows.

It's the second part of a multi-song suite entitled Format Sea that starts off the album. (The self-titled track is the first.)

Did I mention it's a free download?
Thanks a lot for adding Run to your station, much honored!!
Hi Im tj and i was interested in using one of the tracks in that album of yours called AMUC (following link) http://www.soundclick.com/bands/default.cfm?bandID=126288 i am a newbie on this site so i could not find the terms and conditions and creative common conditions.. It is only a small scale documentary and i need music for texted part of it. Thanks a lot Your music is awesome! :D
Corrado Rossi
Hi Michael, glad to be the first to leave a comment and to be in your friends list. I hope you will like my music, if you want to have a listen. Cheers from Italy, Corrado :)
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