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Jerry Cramer
Burkburnett, TX  USA
Born on March 27, 1948.
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Country : Traditional Country
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About Me
Jerry Cramer has spent the last 50 years in the music industry. He began his career with his own garage band in the early sixties. He had the good fortune to co-write a song with two other writers that would produce a block buster hit in the early sixties.Doors opened for him to be a writer for a Nashville based publisher but he didn't like the pay scale and no royalties would be paid. He went to work for Maverick Talent a booking agency and began to book big name country music acts. After doing this for a couple of years he became bored and really wanted to pursue his own interest in music as a writer and performer. He went to Las Vegas and formed a band that would work the clubs, hotels and casinos. The group performed the standard hits of contemporary music such as Sinatra, Bennett, and the like. After being in Vegas for awhile he ran into a Black musician who had a blues band and needed a road musician and singer to play in the southern states for the Blues clubs or juke joints of the day. Jerry played a good blues bass and new a lot of good old delta blues tunes he joined the band and left Vegas behind. He had a great time with this blues band all though he was the only bit of salt in a barrel of pepper, so they would say! Today he is the CEO of Cramer Multi Media Group controling a Record Label (128) Radio Stations and The Big Sugar Music Publishing Company. For more details visit www.cmgradio.info submit your songs for airplay. email him at: jerry@cmgradio.info
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Hi there this is your fiend Jerry Cramer; Donna and I would like to invite you to join us for our special Donna & Jerry Show’s Anniversary Program. It is coming up on Friday October 14th at 8 pm CST and goes till midnight maybe longer. We invite you to visit our main radio website where you can find out all the information about us and the station. This show will be going out before a huge audience around the world. It will be live on CMG Radio and our 30 affiliate online stations as well as to our 25 FM stations here in the USA and ...
From A Publishers Prospective!   So you wrote a song for the first time or perhaps you consider yourself a career songwriter that is all great however times are a changing as they say. Today is not the days of gone by, the days where you could plunk on a guitar or lay down some chords on a piano cut a demo with a singer or some one who couldn’t carry a note and send it in to a publisher for consideration. We live in a new place and time. We are in the day of cell phones and digital transmissions. The day of mp3's, live streaming video and on and on goes the every growing list.
Publishers have basically three jobs. (1) ...
Hi Jerry....Thanks For Stopping By & The Song Adds....Much Appreciated!!!....Have A Great & Wonderful New Years!!! Steve Krzystofik
gasoline alley
Hey would u check out some of my songs and feel free to add them to your station, Thank You http://www.soundclick.com/bands/default.cfm?bandID=1056543
Hey there, thank you for the friend add! Wishing you much success and keep on rockin! :)
Hi Jerry Come by and check out my new song, Ocean in my Mind. Feedback is greatly appreciated. :-) Thanks, Janice
moker jarrett
Jerry, appreciate the support and helping us get these songs out there...... "What She's Missin'" , "Stars Over Abilene", and "The Apple Barn" I co-wrote all of those with Rebecca Dale and still think each one of them has a shot at a cut...that's why we're still pitchin' 'em ...apppreciate the help...moker jarrtt
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