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Miami, FL.  USA
Born on May 28, 1987.
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HipHop : Alternative Hip Hop
Ok waz is good dawg!!, u knw who diz is, "Is Dat Boi Named Smizz .. !!" "yeahhHHhhhHH .. !!". Basically I started in my high skool, teen yrs. on da music scene,
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About Me
Yo waz up!, u know who diz is!, Is Dat Boi Named "Smizz" ......!!!! YeeEeeAAAAHhHHhh!!, First of all, I wana thank my fans out there, anywhere, any day of da year, whoever it is "Thank u!!" fo listenin n jamin 2 my tracks/songs/videos n gettin 2 hear wat i need 2 say. So here we go, i was born May 28, 1987, a yung, little, filipino kid named 'Smizz" wakin up in da world i wasnt ready 2 b in. Born & Rised in da County Dade (Miami) to b exact, Biscayne is whur i b at next to North Miami. First of all, I started rappin/producin/makin beats at my 10th to 12th grade year in high skool prob. da age of 17-18 yrs. old, daz when i meant my dawgs in ma group Bag-B, Triple Z, Wizard, N Mayhem, dem boiz were spittin dem down on their verses kid durin lunch break, until diz day they're like ma brothers 2 me n we still grindin when we can on the music, we got dem demos out in da streets rite now. So here i am, doin ma thang, finishin up my solos n i think ima hope on da mixtape scene, thnx 4 appreciate wat i do n if u know my group "SWZMB", listen 2 dem, they also got thangs 2 say by puttin it on trap on music, Aite Peace Out! , n Beee easy.... "If Any Bookins r Available in Miami, holla at me .. ill appreciate it, we negotiate a deal of sumthng, u heard ..
zupk maaan ! tenks foh da add . safe.safe . 24/7
yo man the video and song mr.bodyroll its tight keep it up..
No problem Fam. Keep doing ya thing. If ya ever wanna do a song let me know.
Yo' Smizz,...whats the biz, thanx 4 the friends request fam. I appreciate it. Keep doin' ya thing, and don't be a stranger. Peace S h a d o w
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