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terrence green
Born on April 25, 1991.
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About Me
im a songwriter 1st singer 2nd. i kinda fell into this lil music thing outta bordum. i was in class one day we had free period and everyone around me was talkin amongs themselves. i had this constent melody in my head so i grabbed a sheet of paper nd wrote to it. the end result came to be my very 1st song, a sex song entitle "Showtime". Since then ive been writting for 2yrs goin on 3. ive been singin since the age of 13 but didnt notice i was good at it until 16. i was in a former group called GQmusiq, standing for Good Quality Musiq. good times but we seperated cuz our styles and swag couldnt blend. i keep in touch wit them both nd ive been featured on my homie yung styles mixtapes nd recorded a song on my own so my studio experience is somewhat low but i love the booth lol. During the time in the group i managed to learn helpful and stressful and very painful lessons about the music business and i am now a business man(somewhat) in the making. Before ever settling to be the R&B cat, i had my mind focus on bein a dj. my name at the time was Dj Rukkus nd lasted from 9th grade to 11th. some said i was tryna be a rapper...dont even remeber lol but after da middle of junior year i changed to be mr R&B dude lol. i dropped the dj and was jus known Rukkus. Later i completely changed my name to T.Green since it seems more suitable to the genre. been happy ever since too (^_^). To kno more bout wat is i do hit me u
Lonely Sisterhood   Verse 1/(adlibs)
i cant take the pain, pounding on my brain
(excruciating headcahes)
cause of what they said to you
everything they feed you, is far from the truth
(just like hating girlfriends)
they're jealous of you
sittin here mad, you got somin dey dont have
(but you let them get between us)
and baby i had enough
my paitence ran out
since ya little friends have you in doubt

so go ahead and be a part of
the lonely sisterhood
listen to your friends
leave me alone
so go ahead and be a part of
the lonely sisterhood

oh go on, go on and join
the lonely sisterhood
go on, go on and join ...
Speechless   I love you turtle lips, yup they’re the cutest/
Cute as a button, yup I love em/
I even love the way, u call me up/
Early morning, it’s annoying, but I dig it/
These are some thoughts I want to say, to you/
But your love has me lost for words, it’s true/
You have me speechless, speechless
You have me speechless, speechless

I love you in the morning
I love you in the evening, babe
I love you daily
I love you like crazy, babe
At least that what i want to say
You have me, speechless, speechless
You have me, speechless, speechless

Verse 2
Ya’ love sweeter than honey, honey mustard/
Otha ...
In My bubble   verse1

its startin to rush in again, thought it'll be gone by now
the rain simply matches my face, washing tears away
wen is my drought
now i've felt high and i've felt low
i felt mighty and i felt dumb
i may be young but one thing i know
is wen i failed to meet, everyone's expectations


sometimes i wish i can stay here and fade away
so i feel no sorrow, or any otha unbearable pain
sometimes i think invisability would be great
so if i had to choose, in my bubble is where i'll stay


theres been many cravins, to doin something dumb
like passin out da reggie, but then ill be ...
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