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Heikki Roots
Born on September 13, 1980.
My own artist page
Electronic : Techno
Dj Fusion Star music for parties or for a sonic mindtrip listening purpose. Mainly electronic, rap and pop. Enjoy!
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About Me
I'm an Estonian Professional music artist, using Propellerhead's Reason. I produce mostly electronic music. =)
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Liked Dj Fusion Star's song Indre Night. Sep 30, 2018
Liked Dj Fusion Star's song Let my dreams come true. Sep 27, 2018
Liked the band/artist Dave909. Jul 24, 2018
Liked The Wots's song Direction. Dec 19, 2014
Liked Derek Shunia's song The Epic Journey Pt.1. Jan 25, 2013
Thor Refill For Reason Released!!   Dear People who use Reason, we have released a Refill that contains 345 Thor patches which are all very high quality. Get inspired of these sounds so go check it out from our homepage at www.reflexion-x.com/refills
The Future Of Soundclick ??   I don't know anout the rest of you but I feel like Soundclick needs some new paint on it. That said I have lot of ideas for it and I call out everyone to reply to this Blog and say their opinion about this.

I think that Soundclick is great place for me and for lot of the others but I think what this place needs is a bit more professional frontpage and some other graphical elements. I also think we should get better ways to promote our music - I have an exellent idea for this.

So what do you think about putting a bit time to make this place "Fresh" ??

Come to Soundclick's Forum and check ...
Looking for musicians and partners to join our team   Hello!
Do you make good music and want to get further with your music making? We are looking to find people for our team. If you feel you're talented and would like to be part of our future group who is working together and supporting eachothers and maybe even creating a label then please contact me.

Regards H.Roots
Rob Wots
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Hey Heikki, thanks :) have a great new year ! rob
Really like ur music...original sound...well produced ...I enjoyed it allot Cheers
Reflexion X and SEXION 8, now that'd be a f***in show, listened and rated your stuff, have a listen to ours and do the same, thanks! _THR33_D _SEXION_8
Hey, thanks for the add. you got some great tunes
Thanks for the friendship! Keep up the great work! Have a nice weekend! Best wishes.
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