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Rick Foster
Rick Alan
Temecula, CA  USA
Born on November 10, 1953.
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Rock : Punk
Acoustic : Acoustic Rock
Father, friend, musician singer/songwriter, Paramedic,cardiology Tech. I love to make music and have been for 25 years. I play multi. instruments and I play all the instruments on the songs I have recorded here. I love to entertain and meet new people.
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About Me
Living in California, and the father of three children, I started playing music back in the 70's while I lived in Bakersfield. My neighbor came from a long line of musicians that played with some of Bakersfield's most noted musicians. His father also built guitars for Mosrite. Soon as I learned a few cords, the guy had me playing in some of Bakersfield's seediest bars. I moved to Bishop in the 1980's and started playing bass in a band called The Rattlers, for the next 15 years and we played all over the Eastern side of the Sierras.We played mostly in Mammoth, and Bishop but we also played gigs in Northern Nevada, mostly fairs, casinos and other special events. We opened for Chris Le Doux and Michael Martin Murphy at several large venues. The Rattlers played everything from country to top40 rock and roll. I play several instruments from drums to guitars to keys to flute, none of which am I an expert.
My almost meeting with Frank Zappa  
When I was about 11-12 years old I had an uncle that lived very close to me. His girlfriend was Sue Veliet, Captain Beefhearts mom. She lived with my uncle alot of the time especially on the weekends. We would go to her house alot also and spend time with granny, Don's grandmother. Sue was a wonderful lady always a smile on her face and I became very close to the family . In my teens she would tell me story's about stuff that Don and Frank Zappa would get into. One day when Don was home (he wasn't home much) but he played me a tape of songs from the Safe as Milk album without the vocals . He...
just stopping in to say hi. hope all is good.
Rick, thank you for your visit and station add. I've been meaning to add your California Dreaming' song. nicely done and nicely recorded too. welcome to NO nonsense Radio! hope you'll enjoy some of the songs on there. Gray Martin done all the music on fugitive, he gets most of the credit for that song. again, thank you so very much! k
Hi Rick, just stopping by to say thank you. really liking your version of 'California Dreaming' very nice. take care, k
duncan earl walters
Rick, Great to meet you here. If you want any songs as Mp3s please do not hesitate. I would be happy to send them your way. I listened to your radio stations but I couldn't find which were your songs. Can you help me out a bit. Thanks All the best Duncan Earl
Hello i'm so honored to be listed on your "stations' page thank you so much. Peace, Kelly
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