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Marc Morlock
marc morlock
Antwerp, Belgium
Born on November 14, 1951.
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Pop : Pop General
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About Me
http://www.youtube.com/user/pifpoufpaf9 Hi,here is a little story about me. At the age of 14,I was a bass-player in a popband,I was writing songs from the begining.My first contract was with the band "Early Christian" we only made one record,I was 17 years old.After the army (one year),I played in a hardrock band "Jinx", we made 4 records.For about one year I played in a Dutch(Holland)hardrock band"Splendid". At the age of 28 I was tired of being on the road,so I only wanted to write and produce songs for other artists. When I wrote "Faire l'amour" the record company wanted me to sing that song myself,it became a hit record and "Marc Morlock"as a singer was born.Two years after"Je suis content"(my most succesful song in French) I was tyred of being on the road again,and starded a studio-band and record company "Fade Out". I didn't like the back-stage of the music-business anymore,so I wrote my last song 15years ago. In that time I lost a lot of knowlege from my French & English language !!
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Hi Marc! Hope everything is fine on your side of the screen. This year has been a bit up and down here in some way. My father passed away as you know in the fall of 2018. Somehow completely collapsed inboard. Thought I was completely immune to grief since mother disappeared from this earth in 2012. Anyway, life goes on and somewhere you have to draw a line and let the music speak. Just uploaded a couple of new songs. A little dance, a little classic - just for fun so to speak. Hope you like some of the tracks my friend. Greetings from Sweden, Svante / Clubsville
Hi Marc! I hope you are doing well! I have a new one up called "Hear the voices". Cheers Holger.
Hi Marc. Thank you for your nice words about "Hold on". Cheers Holger.
Hi Marc. I have a new song up called "Hold on". Any comments would be appreciated. Cheers Holger
Hi Marc, Just thought to say hi! Can say that I have realized what life is about. It's not about what you have, but what you are. I still have not forgotten my music friends. Don't have the same feeling as before, but ... Just writing to wish you all good! Greetings Svante / Clubsville
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