Thank you!
Washington DC, USA
Born on July 21, 1992.
My own artist page
Blues : Blues Rock
There is one band member: Me. I play guitar and would play drums and bass as well but I lack the funds for those things sadly.
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Paperfall Bros
*Uzi* Oh Yeah (Free DL)
Instrumentals - R&B
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Live Your Life / Rich The Kid Type Beat (2 For 1)
Instrumentals - Trap
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Thanks for the add man! Listening to your stuff, incredibly mature playing, keep at it, you have a nice talent there..... Thanks, Ian
john matteson
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Ya, that's what I'm talking about! Thank's for the Shreddin Eddies ad! Great station! You rock!
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Hey! Thanks for adding Devilrouser's "Ramblin'" to your station. I am flattered. I like your profile pic, that's a beautiful take of hendrix!
hey man...thanks for adding Cherry Jam to your station! Likin' your influences...not many guys your age into those players these days. That's the cool thing about true talent and good music...it was good then, it's good now, and it will be good tomorrow. Look at Mozart...dude's been dead 400 years and their still playing his stuff all the time!
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