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greg goudey
Born on September 27, 1971.
My own artist pages
Electronic : Experimental Sounds
Nomad 927 is an ever evolving experiment
Electronic : Electronica
Electronic : Trip Hop
downtempo / industrial
Electronic : House
Dark minimal sounds with dance beats
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About Me
Thanks for adding Antipriest to your station! Antipriest TAO X Records
Thank you for having me on your station. I agree with Johannes about Mortal. farouT stuff! take care.. -softsong
Scientek Basement
Just stoppin by to say thanks for being part of our Friends Network here at Soundclick. Greets to you from Cologne! Have a nice Weekend. Arno Bege & Robert Quester from Scientek Basement BTW: Were still lookin for good Tracks for our Station here at Soundclick. If you have any suggestions please post them into our "Soundclick Radio Stations" Blog.
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