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John Lathrop
the stan laurels
Austin, TX  USA
Born on November 29, 1974.
My own artist page
Rock : Psychedelic Rock
The Stan Laurels are a psychedelic pop/rock band who create lush, rich melodies which are heavily influenced by The Beatles, The Zombies, and The Flaming Lips.
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About Me
Hello. My name is The Stan Laurels. I am from the planet Retardiculous. Please go to My Music Page to find out what music from the planet Retardiculous sounds like. If you are too busy making origami gynecological equipment to have time to listen, I'll just tell you now: music from the planet Retardiculous sounds like Plaid. Clocking in at 60 minutes, the debut LP from The Stan Laurels is a full-blown concept album in the classic genre of "boy meets girl/boy gets abducted by aliens." It is currently being mastered by Solid Arts & Science and will soon be released worldwide on CD, iTunes, and other digital sites. Stay tuned for more updates!
Just a couple of days now until the official release eh? Pretty exciting! I'll be in Cali but will certainly snatch it when i get back, I wish I had it for our road trip. Hmmmmm...perhaps I'll find a computer where I can download it for the trip back. It's gonna be big! Are you ready to be famous? erik
Congrats on the Album Bro!
tim green
Don't tell me you like Terry Gilliam films too... !!!!! Looks like you've got your page all set up and ready for action. p.s. My favourite magazine 'Yeti Spotters Monthly' is way better than your Sasquatch publication! And they had a special feature on 'The Hoff' this month (a well know Yeti follower). Bet you're sorry you missed that!
tim green
Hey hey hey! Digging your new page - and your music, of course. You're on my favourite friends list, and good luck with the new album. It needs to be heard! All the best, Tim.
the bunkbeds
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