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Patrik Lark
Sollentuna, Sweden
Born on February 28, 1970.
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Alternative : Alternative General
Unease is an alternative electronic rock-duo based in Stockholm, Sweden. The songs are pulling the dark strings to describe the melancholic feeling that is the life nerve in the Unease music. Similar artist are Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, Interpol
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Thanks for the comment. You're welcome- it's true, your music's pretty darn awesome. ponders: there should be a genre called "cityscape"? Keep up the good work. N.S.,gvw
Hey Cuz hows things going dropping by for a visit and a howdy hope all is well your way. PS Have a great Labor Day weekend and remember the early bird may get the worm but the second mouse gets the cheese . My position on the Gulf of Mexico is 29.00.607 North 89.51.482 West :)
Stopping by for that weekend Can I Have A Hell Yeah !!!!!!! lol Have a great weekend my friend :) Kick up your heels and crank it up!!!!!!!! I'll be headed to see ZZTOP Tomorrow night woohoo
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Just stoppin by to say thanks for being part of our Friends Network here at Soundclick. Greets to you from Cologne! Have a nice Weekend. Arno Bege & Robert Quester from Scientek Basement BTW: Were still lookin for good Tracks for our Station here at Soundclick. If you have any suggestions please post them into our "Soundclick Radio Stations" Blog.
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