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If you want the rainbow, you have to deal with the rain.
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studied composition, arrangements,music theory,and voice, northern az u. Mostly a listener, but I like to create occasionally
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Collaboration with Bob Forbes  
Bob Forbes has wonderful vocals and did a beautiful job on this cover song for me, please come by and visit, he is a natural, this song was very popular in 1974

New Beginnings with vocals by Melancholysoulgirl  
Please come by and listen to Rania's new release
Its been along time since we did a collaboration together, she has tremendous vocals that are rich and dark and this song fits perfectly , we did many covers together, this one is special its an original.


File Favorites   I have been fortunate to collaborate with a few awesome clickers here on soundclick, MelancholySoulGirl ,Redeyec ,Michael Duran, and the late RobertHall , exceptional singing, inspiring productions, that have been very enjoyable over the years,

alexanderport Thank you very much Rod, for your very enthusiastic comment on "Charlie", a very good beginning of the week.

Sunny and warm greetings from Belgium,
softsong you're very welcome! Yes, summer this year is taking it's sweet time! but we're getting there! enjoy the weekend!

Bob Forbes Thanks for droppin' by Rod - we're tipping 100 here, you most be 10 degrees higher at least... stay cool :)
spinaceto76 last edited on Sat May 26, 2018 @ 06:12 AM Hi Rod!!

Thanks wishing the same to you too , please enjoy your weekend"! :D
Noticed your kind L&C on my jam wit Renee Anderson "Storm Chaser", yes I love it too, thanks fro your support!

Ascenzion Hi Rod. Thanks, and please have super Memorial Day weekend.
PS - Just left comments about your latest.
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