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Blue Drache
Beverly Hills, CA  USA
Born on September 30, 1974.
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About Me
I am me. Who I am. What I do. And what I've done. The address is fake, I don't live anywhere near Beverly Hills. I am a furry with a wide, eclectic taste in music, and what I consider music. Most rap does not qualify as music. For the most part, it qualifies as idiots with no talent stealing music and chanting new words over the top of it. I used to be a DJ spinning 80's pop, classic rock, metal, classical, big band, and techno for a club radio station in Second Life. I tinker with writing erotic stories and role-playing with other people in MSN, YIM and Second Life. I probably won't accept your friendship request unless I know who you are.
Equine Ramblings: Political Activism and Pets.   If you live in the United States and own pets, or are thinking of owning a pet, please visit https://www.nohr669.com/ and weigh in your opinion. Please vote "no" on HR669 by calling your congress person and visiting https://www.nohr669.com/ and keeping at least some of the freedoms we still enjoy.
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