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Kerry Martin
Spokane, Wa  USA
Born on December 6, 1949.
My own artist page
Jazz : Smooth Jazz
One old guy, one old tascam, one old gateway...
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About Me
Cover drummer for 25 years - Bass player for 5 - Now learning guitar and keyboard... Playing around with an old POS analog recorder and single handedly setting recording back fifteen years! Baboo is the only tune that has been mixed correctly. The others you will have to "tweak" your EQ for the best sound quality...hope you enjoy at least one of my tunes. Feel free to leave a comment...be aware I already know the recording quality is poor.
Hey Kerry! haven't heard a peep outta you in ages. Hope all is well out there. Life here on the farm is good...except i'm turning into an old geezer. Go days on end without leaving the woods. No new music for 8 months. Happy Thanksgiving old friend.... Pine
Keith Dallas Ward
how ya been Kerry?,, keep in touch, new stories to tell, hope all is well and good.
Keith Dallas Ward
how are you friend, ? miss u.. drop a line good buddy
Keith Dallas Ward
http://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=9894688 heres a new one kind of bare bones,, check it out when u can,, hope its all good your way..
Mark R Smith
Hey Kerry I posted some new stuff and look forward to seeing you soon. let me know what you think the recording is poor but the idea is there. Later bro. M.
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