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deborah anne
ms 007
ONT  Canada
Born on February 27, 2005.
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About Me
Love to dream about flying over green valleys, to be able to listen + hear the sounds of silence, waves of poetry never unleashed from a horses mane flowing in the cantor by the sea, an observer of the planet and experiences of mine and esp of others, love beauty in many forms,sounds,colors and textures, cultures and unknown paths yet to explore, found one here, thats peaceful and chaos together always exploding into a dancing star. An eclectic odyssey.
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ms 007
l come back to Soundclick after getting an email from the admin that they have deleted my PROMO FOR THE KRANG account as l am in violation of having two accounts... no l only have one band account and one listeners station.. well 20 different genras since 2009 .. so its a violation now.. that's just beautiful all wiped out comments ect on my sons songs .. how sad no notices given so l could save such and the songs have also been taken off my stations ... anyone want to weigh in ... this is such a BUMMER!!! DEB
Hi Debra, how are you in new year? I now compose not more, but study singing. If you will hear my new vocal record Caro mio ben, you are heartilly invited. :-) Have a nice day and happy all new year. Jiri
Have a great weekend Deb. !
Thanks Deb - gotta keep on keepin' on. ;)
hey you how ya been ? hope all is well with you
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