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kevin schafer
richfield, mn  USA
Born on September 2, 1969.
My own artist page
Blues : Blues Rock
Kevin Schafer has released an independent CD called Invasion from Planet K that is guaranteed to blow your hair back faster than a ride in my convertible. Kev will have you stompin' to his sizzling brand of funk-rock and drooling over his amazing....
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About Me
Generally speaking, loud things and fast things..... With a few bits of wellness mixed in.....
Hi just been for a little visit enjoying some very nice guitarwork.. Have a great day Finn
Tomas David Hood
Wow! Great fretwork. Great tones. Great tunes. I'm a fan. Happy New Decade and Happy New Year!
zilia tol
Hi Kevin! I have a Christmas present for you at my page. Hope you like it. it's something special to me and want to share it . Wish you all the best, with love, Zilia
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