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Josephine Smith
West , Mids  United Kingdom
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Alternative : Experimental
Its rooted in pop history and experimental punk though is heading forwards with a more progressive metropolitan element....
Electronic : Experimental Sounds
A visual person working in the darkness of sound.
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About Me
I chose three songs per day (most days) to put on a blog. Occasionally I write stuff...
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  To the wood

Beauty of trees


Description of sculpture

Description of feeling



  "'Seven days must you travel,' she said, 'before you see them. At the foot of the hill of ice lies the sea of glass. No mortal foot unaided has ever crossed the one or ascended the other. Here, take these shoes – with them you can safely walk over the sea of glass, and with this staff you can mount the hill of ice,' and as she spoke she handed to the Princess a pair of curiously carved wooden shoes and a short sharp-pointed stick. The Princess took them gratefully, and would have thanked the old woman, whom she now knew to be a fairy, but she stopped her. 'Think not,' she said, 'that your ...
Thanks for the add. Glad you like Scrub. An oldie but one that has stuck around in my solo setlists at certain points in time. I look forward to checking some of your stuff out. Take care. _ DT
Had a chance to take some time and tune in to your station! Very nice mix of material. I also really appreciate your including some AuDioChosis sounds in the mix. Big grins! ~ Cheers!
Hey, thank you for the station add!
Flux of Humour
Hiya, Thanks for adding me to your station :)
Heynow, it's been a while since I dropped in here. I love the cat avatar. :D - DL
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