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Stig Sneddon
Craig, NE  USA
Born on June 17, 1957.
My own artist page
Rock : Garage Rock
raw ragged garage rock with brilliant lyrics
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About Me
I've been garage (or garbage) rockin' for years and still love it. I have hair of silver and a voice of gold. OK, maybe it's fool's gold but who cares? Crank up one of my songs and let me know what ya think!
Criticize me!   I just posted a new song called "American Greed" and I'm lookin' fer some feedback. Like it? Hate it? Lemme know, thanks!
Hi Stig, thanks for the review and great to hear from you. Hope all's well in your part of the globe. Enjoyed your new one Older Women - I reckon you're definitely right there, just look at Tina Turner and Joan Collins! ;) Music production has been a bit slow for me this year because of one thing and another...also just recovering from chicken pox which was pretty unpleasant! Have a good weekend and take care Rodz
Hi Stig, just thought I'd wander across and see what's new. Fantastic to find a new song from you - brilliant job, love the lyrics (American Greed)...same here in the UK - same outlook, same result. Hope all's well with you. Speak 2 U again soon Rodz
Hi Stig, just thought I would stop by and thank you for adding The Modems to your station. It's very much appreciated. Thanks again. Sean (The Modems)
Hi Stig, thanks for stopping by and for your review - always great to hear from you! Hope all's good where you are. Summer's a bit of a washout here, keeps raining! The joys of living on an island I guess - always something different, lol. Just been catching up with some more of your songs, great lyrics, you always manage to say what we are all thinking! Have a great week, take care, Rodz.
Road Apples
thanks for the song adds! gonna head over to your music page now. I like your influences, so I've got high hopes
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