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Julianna McDuffie
San Marcos, CA  USA
Born on July 25, 1973.
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Electronic : Mellow
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About Me
Just an Ohio girl that did a very un-Ohio thing by marrying her Philosphy Professor and running off to California. A Former High School Junior Miss that hung out with the hippies in College. Yeah. I'm that girl.
Mr Grant
Hey Julianna, Just dropping in to say hey! I was in the CW forums the other day and saw your post on your old silver sax. All I can say is WOW! What a story! I'm really interested to see/hear some "new" songs with you on the sax. I used to play years ago, but haven't picked up one since HS, so the story resonates with me big time. Anyway, enough about that. Love your songs so I'll be back to enjoy more. Stop through when you get a minute and send a shout out. I'll try to say hey on CW as well. Take care, Arlen aka Mr Grant
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