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Reed Schramm
Toledo, Oh  USA
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Instrumentals - Beats General
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Early AM
Instrumentals - Beats General
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About Me
"Embrace the ones whom call me crazy N' shun the ones whom can"t see beyond"" Creative Still Can't spell four hits Design restaurants,Nightclubs & Adult Clubs Run Web business's Collectible Encounters..... my stuff site TSErestaurant fixtures..... my 9 to 5 stuff write songs for others , refuse to play covers unless its personal will never play piano man Moma, told me my love Motto take my age divide by two & add six thats where love begins Grama told me"always meet her mother to see what the future holds P.S. Shes 102 years young & just lost her licence Bless her Requiem for Hayok It’ s Hard Getti’n Harder every day.. Never asked to be A leader of the pack… Or rise @ five thirty to face the East… Or Say!!! Is It a good day to Die?….. My Heart Dream’s…. Heartfelt Prayer’s Never asked to be a Neekwich seeker Or hear Rolling Thunder’s Spirit say I was Skuyent Or Say‘~!! I read grave’s not gravestones So Hold HOLD ….ON TO YOUR DREAMS If great spirits send, vision’s_voices_dreams to your sleep Rise_ stand tall_ don’t look back But pray_fast _heed your god’s help Believe in yourself_ plan your destiny But~~!! Sometimes take the road less travel’d We’ll meet there someday Lya
Uraa Nation and the Bobalu's   Songs from the Oliver Housre had help from the Major
Thanks for adding my music to your station have a great Sunday !
thanks for adding carnival man to your station,peace,doug
Reed Schramm
Hat's off to Neil young's Living with war today page it is giving artists a more realistic venue then the air wave. Currently one band click on "touch the clouds" Currently having three songs in the top forty 32. Nuclear Babies - Touch The Clouds 33. Wake Me (When There Is No More War) - Touch the Clouds 36. You Will Always Be My Hero - Steven Sayles Its must be a wonderful feeling to be a relatively obscureband and have three songs in the top 40 ..So click on there songs and help "Touch the Clouds"
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