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Onest Jon
\, USA
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About Me
Ayo What Up Its Ar'Teeze. I Apologize For The Many Name Changes But I've Search'n 4 A Name That Fits Me & I Think I Finally Found It. Well Now Let Me Tell You A Little Bit Bout My Self. Ima Young Dude Just Tryna Make It In Life Namean. Deal With Alot Of Obstacles In My Life But I Don't Let It Phase Me. Pain Dont Kill Me & What Dont Kill Me Make Me Stronger. But Any Ways I Gotta Lot Of Things On My Mind & I Let The Pen & Pad Express What Ever Is Going On In My Life Or Just What Im Feeling Namean. Im Contemplating Whether I Wanna Record But Ima Take Time Figuring That Out & If I Ever Do Record Hope Y'all Feel It But In The Mean Time Just Stay Posted On My Blogs Cause Thats Where I'll Be Showing My Skills Most Iight ~1~
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