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Matt Scott
Lombard, IL  USA
Born on March 17, 1967.
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An amalgam of anything that passes thru one ear and out the other -- see our Interview page for details.
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Liked C Norden's song Remains the same. Apr 11, 2012
Claes Norden
Hello, It has been a long time... I am for my own part struggling these days to be musically creative so there's been a long silence from me. But finally I have finished and published here a new song and recording - "Completely you". But I also think Soundclick is less interesting these days; seems not to be in pace with present social media trends. What do you think? I have posted some thoughts on my own page, it would be interesting to hear your comment there. Kind regard/Claes
Claes Norden
Hi, I've just become a fan of Editors of Life! Claes
Thanks for adding me...your music's fantastic, I've always loved the Floyd sound and your production hits em right on. Cheers!
mystic decongestant
You're AWESOME! Best wishes from Maine.
hey thanks for adding me. i like your style, we are not so different. :) see you around.
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