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Robert Westcott
Poulsbo, WA  USA
Born on May 1, 1970.
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Rock : Progressive Rock
60's acid/psychedelic rock & 70's progressive rock.
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About Me
Where to start.... I was born in Clovis, NM and moved to Florida when I was 5. I started playing drums in the 10th grade thanks to my older brother. My brother is my number one influence! If it were not for him, I would never have picked up the sticks! After high school, I joined the US Navy. The Navy brought me to the wonderful NW Washington and I hated it for a lonnnng time! I was used to blue skies and moved here in January. After 5 years in the USN, I hung up my sailor hat to be a musician. I teamed up with two other guitar players who wanted to go to MI, and it never happened. After some time I needed to get out and see the USA so I became an over the road driver. I drove a big truck for about 4.5 years and quit 3 days before 911. I will never forget that day! As for bands, I've always been part of an original group. The first band I was in after high school was while I was in the Navy called Requiem. After that, I enjoyed being in a band out of Tacoma called Nyxie. In Nyxie I got to work with Julando Samson, a great guitarist, and we still work together on some projects. From there, I worked with a great vocalist, Harmony Madden, in Wits End. In late 2008, Joel Martin contacted me off a site dedicated for musicians finding musicians. We hung out for a day at his place talking about Fractal Rock and his goals. The rest is history. I love these guys and our music. I can't wait to see us 5 years from now!
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