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M√ľnchen, Germany
Decent driver & Damn fine pizza maker!
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Alternative : Indie
songwriter musician commercial artist
Classical : Baroque
ASTRONOMUSIC, a project by Zozimo Rech & Adrianne Simioni, performing Vivaldi's The Four Seasons. Electric guitars, electric bass, synthesizer, replacing the u
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About Me
Alan L Cole
Hi Dale. Thank you kindly for stopping by, listening and commenting - very cool of you!
Bob Forbes
Thanks for the kind comments Dale :) Heard Germany is getting a serious heatwave - similar to our temps in SWNM. Have a great week ahead ;)
You're welcome. Darn good tune!
Hi Dale. Thanks for the kind words on "Hold on". Yes, I keep myself busy. Working full time does not leave that much room for music making, but I try to squeeze in a few "sessions" here an there :0) Cheers Holger
Impressive work you have done lately. Folk style and retro rock - you nail it better than ever! A pleasure to hear!
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