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Try Try Again Project (TTAP)
Born on March 5, 1941.
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Acoustic : Acoustic Folk
Rock : Folk Rock
Original songs about religious tolerance and freedom, liberation, independence, peace, and justice -- Jeffersonian in nature.
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About Me
The Try Try Again Project was founded by Jeffers, a one-man-band promoting universal truths, religious freedom, fairness, and peace. His songs are about liberation, and about spiritual values common to all religions -- because he realizes we cannot have actual freedom of religion until all religions are respected and Theocratic intrusion and imposition of religion into government is forbidden, just as the Founders of the U.S.A. intended. Visit http://www.soundclick.com/jeffers
Had enough of the "holy wars" and partisan political warfare?   While the terrible storm blows over while the "religious" zealots and partisan demagogues fight for power over each other, we the people have to deal with and repair the damage they have caused, help each other, and hope that the storm will pass soon and the fools will wake up and realize their vain folly and error.

But, while we we wait, we can also take action, because there is a way that real truth will liberate us from all the ignorance, foolishness and madness that plagues us -- truth that will also empower us so that we may finally replace this Theocracy and Plutocracy that now rules us...
What Does Religious Freedom Mean To You?   There are some religious Christians in America who think that religious freedom means the freedom to try to impose their religious beliefs on the whole country through political and governmental action.

However, most Americans do not know that is not how the Founding Fathers felt about religious freedom. They wrote much, including Article 6 and the 1st Amendment of the Constitution, to make it very clear that there can be no religious freedom unless government is neutral regarding religions, and treats each one equally. See https://messenger.cjcmp.org/foundingfathers.html
Partisan Politics: Is It the Best Way to Determine Leadership?   By now most people have realized how damaging to democracy partisan politics actually is, not to mention how divisive and polarizing it is.

Also, more and more people are realizing that it produces NOT government of, by or for the people, but government of, by and for the wealthiest few (regardless of which party wins).

Really, it's a contest for the throne, and the person who wins the throne of power really doesn't serve all the people. Under the present system, that's practically impossible.

I believe there's a better way, and it's based on a philosophy that was written long ago in ...
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