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DRUMNJON,DRUMNSTINE,On Line Drummer,John Feisthamel
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Alternative : Experimental
DRUMNJON : Rhythm - A Focused Creative Force From The Head and HEART
Rock : Rock n Roll
Rock,POP ,Hard Rock, offbeat, weird ,cool, different
Rock : Rock n Roll
Alternative : Experimental
-- YOU FILL IN THE BL--KS!! Its for YOU oh strange soul believer in love hate of indifference.. and for those of you that just choose to listen to some heart spun creations -- be you..
Blues : Blues Rock
The Wretch Collaboratory is the page I'm hoping will find many more SC musicians... If you want "in" just let me know and I'll let you know what's cookin'.
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About Me
I grew up with a lot of musical influences surrounding my life.I can not remember anytime I wasn't trying to figure out the rhythms of what I could hear around me. I would record sounds from anything to everything ..... it seems..... by looking at my wall of analog recordings..... Digital tracks ...Timeless... well some of them... Drumnjon
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Thanks for stopping by ! You can reach me at drumnjon1@yahoo.com
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