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jamie n
abington, ma  USA
Born on January 21, 1989.
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HipHop : Hip Hop General
r and B, rap. battle disses. expect anything...
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A sad but true song about a period in our history that needs to be told from the Solder's view. I just hope and pray I did them justice.
About Me
I love music. I love money. I love women. I love weed. I love writing. rap & poetry.
holla at me for booth time =) 20 a session not hr*^^^brockton area =)   email me =) ttinyjamie@yahoo.com
dance with me new***   =)
New =)   new song peep it,...
Wat Up? When ya get some free time peep my music. One!
south parks own
look as far as it goes those some elmamentry flows.betta step up ya word play before u eva close to sayin 8-1-0. sorry ho but i aint eva had remorse on the spit.dont thinkin becuz u a bi*ch i wouldnt rearrange your forte like u suckin ma di*k.get it? got it good have u turnin tricks to get ma chips like street walkers in the hood.truthfully u aint even worth the brutality ill bring your way.illl let ma boy scotty 2 hotty tha fukin manager finish the page..laughing wildly...drinking Vodak and Choking onNew Port, Huron the 810 get-n real talk, did you even finish elementary or are still playing with old dirty chalk, is free on t he pool bit but this chick aint never8 balls, left still runnin, REDRUM in less than Eight BARS...how that for new formality...GET IT LARGE, go big or Just go home..see you jumpin in the crowd marge....Im IVY Leauge like Tiger be and your barely up to PARR..
south parks own
listen dont be mad at me becuz of the pic.jus one look at it and ill have ya moms tryna jump on tha dick.wut is this seriously you talkin about kid?mad cuz am fresh as u wanna b4 i even get dressed.you should only pray to god that you would be graced by the presents of my spits.matter of fact u aint even getin that cuz this is the internet.and yeah u said u get a nut like fukin ma neck.that jus proves that u a person dude and if i wanted to we would have sex.rethinkin your dialected before u start ramblin lil sh*** zu. don wan no problems .ya boys neither once u tell them big dog bit u.pllease reframe from speakin this way unless its real talk.cuz u can only say so much till the line u walk is made with cahlk.get it them parmedics gone have to try ta save u.but they aint even really tryin cuz they kn ow EXACTLY WUT D-A-Y WILL DO
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Whats good Jamie, Thanx 4 the friends request. I appreciate it fam. I'm peepin' your flowz over here. U kinda got that Weezy swag happenin' with some original flavor poppin' as well. ( Plus, U R cute as hell,...thats right I said it! ) :) Keep doing ya thing Mizz, we see U. Peace S h a d o w
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BEST FEMALE RAPPA GET AT ME>>>>n***...here are a few lyrics...i threw together...that's mi aim...aim me wit sum beef...=0 M1zztress(7:30:29 PM): speaking of chris crocker...i'm crack b4 i'm an american...hotter than florida, not any kid...can beast n box wit dis bi***...you'll eat full lobsters and clips...get it...you'll get clipped...like a bird wing...call u jlo....if u on ur 2nd rock...give u a third ring =) miss waitress...u got st8 tits...but i own the crown like a burger king…and I clap like I own the crowd and I move the thing…like a ballerina ….no 2 2’s and spins…but ur roof will…take two tools of steel…I’ll move thro n peel…have bodies drop…like a body flop…hope u two got a shield…or a bullet proof bubble to protect u…sucking like I got a nut…f***ing ya neck dude I'll post the battle if you do aim me wit d beef always off the top.
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