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About Me
Born in the sixties, raised in the seventies, bemused by the eighties, I finally started dealing with what I had written in the nineties sometime in the oughts. Now I’m left to wonder what the teens will bring.
Taking Flight   At long last, the project I have been working on for longer than I'd care to admit is as final as it's going to get. Just don't ask how long it's been. I almost kept to the original concept of one project : one synth, but it wasn't to be. Sit back, and enjoy the ride.
Coming Soon!   Taking Flight, soon to be arriving at a spacedock near you. A blend of old and new, fiction and dreams, seeking only to arrive safely home, on a journey fraught with the adventures of being ordinary.

I'm doing the final editing now, and should have material posted relatively soon.
Restart   After a hiatus, I am finally composing again after a long period of de-composition wherein I just couldn't seem to get around to it, and many ideas fell away, lost and unused, never to see fruition. Seeking an outlet, I have posted a sampling (pun intended) of some of my prior work. My wife once described it as evidence that I am ADD, and I think she's right. There is so much more to do, though, that I may never get around to going back and fleshing out those mini-projects. I have on my list currently three projects: Taking Flight (nearly finished), a half-done project, and a concept, and that...
Johan Hermansson
Hello! Thanks for adding my song to your station and also for adding me to your fav. band list. Your support is much appreciated. I hope everything is good on your side of the screen. TC and be well. Johan Hermansson / Dreamscapes Production
hey there, wanted to thank you for addin my song levitate to your station. good to have you in the circle. we'll be back to visit again. peace to you...DDT
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