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Harry Edgar
Irvine. Scotland, United Kingdom
My own artist page
Country : Country General
My name is Harry Edgar .I am a songwriter who writes in many different styles l love rock and country but can write to suite the artist.I have my own little recording studio at my house where i put all the songs together.
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About Me
I have been a songrwriter for many years while playing in local bands. I now however just write songs in many different styles, although my favourite style is country.
Recent Activity
New song (Pain and Suffering) Coming Soon.   A New song called Pain and suffering.All about How i tried to help a friend of mine who had mental health issues.But sadly he never listen,d to my advice and sadly passed in 2012.
Smile new song coming soon   Been far to long since i put a new song up on sound click.Been so busy with the band and getting gigs.So i was back in the Studio writing again with my song writing partner Phillip Johnson and we have come up with a new song Smile.I will be putting up on sound click in the next couple of weeks.Its good to get back to song writing again as i say its been to long.Harry
Springside Bowling Club   well thats another live gig under our belt.What a great night in Ayrshire.Met some great people and got a lot more contacts for more live gigs.Have a great week my fellow sound clickers will keep you posted on our musical journey.Harry
Dear friend, with some pride I report that the fourth LaughingSkull album 'Birthright' has just been released. http://www.amadearecords.com/view_album.php?object=193
Hello Harry, Please subscribe to my YouTube channel if you can... http://dld.bz/d5UAu God Bless
Same to you Harry, thanks. Everyone is in good health and working hard. Yes my email is the same and I have been playing guitar in a wind band lately. Hard going as there's a lot of stuff I don't know but it's keeping me busy. Stops me spending too much time on football! All the best, Pete
Hi Harry, Just picked up on your blog the other day and delighted for you - and the others of course. Want to hear a lot more about it - do you have any more video clips or pix? I waited till today to contact you on this as I did my first-ever 'gig' just yesterday - 5 of us, a 60th birthday, outdoors, been working on it for 6 months, exhausted! All covers, mainly old stuff. Went down well, although the wind early on made it sound really awful to us. Marilyn did some camera-work however, so will aim to upload some or send clips to people like yourself. But have only heard bits on the camera so far, hoping headphones does the trick! Let me know how the gigs are going. One other bit of news, I'm finally retiring at the end of the month, so looking forward to that. Took on some extra work this year so it's been a very busy six months. More soon hopefully, Pete
Hi Harry, I thought it was time I sent some Christmas greetings. So have a great one and let me know how things are going with your musical plans for yourself and Lora! Pete
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