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zan the man
Wichita Falls, Tx  USA
Born on January 7, 1949.
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Country : Traditional Country
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"Granny Stories"mom's book, "I Have A Phobia"   During teen years, I visited my aunt in Mexia several
times. On one visit, she introduced me to her friend's
daughter. They lived in Grosebeck, a nearby small
town. I was invited to spend a couple days with her.
She thought my presence was a good excuse to have
a party. After the party, on the way back to her home,
we rode in a car with several young people. My
concern was about the driver. He had a cigarette in
his left hand and right arm over his girlfriend's shoulder.
Drunk, he wasn't. No alcohol at the party. When he
puffed his cigarette, both hands were off the steering
wheel, and ...
"Granny Stories"mom's book, Mom's Brother Curlee Pt 1   In the early thirties my mother delivered a premature
baby girl, Jackie Lou. She weighed over a pound, but
don't remember the ounces. No incubators then, and
she was wrapped tightly in blankets on a regular
hospital bed. Hot water bottles were around her.
Mother almost died. The baby lived 16 days. Dad
took the body in a little casket in his car to Ponder, Tx
for burial with other family memembers at Eaken
Cemetary. While he was gone, I stayed in mother's
room at Bethania Hospital, Wichita Falls. It was near
Christmas. I had been taught Christmas carols at school.
That night I stood by ...
"Granny Stories"mom's book, Mom's Brother Curlee Pt 2   Back to my brother, Curlee....one side of his hip was
slightly higher than the other, scarcely noticeable as
a baby, but worse with adulthood. As a youngster he
was small for his age which made him cute, doing
things beyond what average children his size were
capable of doing. Mother made the most of that
attention by sending him into the store alone to buy
an item while she sat in the car. Sometimes a store
employee would follow him outside to see where he
was going or came from. It was a game my mother
enjoyed, showing him off. She dressed him in clothes
that fit him like a little man ...
zan the man
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CG King songwriter
Hi Zan, Hope this finds you doing well. Thank you for telling me about your video...I just watched and listened....you did a wonderful job. Your song has such a classic country sound and feel to it....it really pulled at my heart. I apologize for just getting back to you...I haven't been over on SoundClick for a few weeks...been busy working on some new songs...that has consumed most of my time lately. Take care. Kind wishes, Gail
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