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Michael Erdmier
michael blue
Morton, IL  USA
Born on May 6, 1972.
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Pop : Contemporary Christian
Jessamyn Urban is a solo artist.
Pop : Contemporary Christian
Michael Blue is an independent solo artist specializing in an eclectic blend of '80s Electronica, Soundtrack, and Alternative Christian music, all wrapped up in one.
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About Me
**NEW** Purchase a CD of many of my demos here: http://kunaki.com/sales.asp?PID=PX00ZGZD35 Thanks! Been playing and recording since the '80s. Always had an "electronic" component to my music, and of late it has been merged with an "acoustic" influence, making what may be a somewhat unique hybrid. www.Michael-Blue.com/Studio.htm has current studio info, for those interested. Play mostly keyboards, but also play bass, percussion, some guitar and sax. I've recently overtaken a new devotion to music, have invested into my project studio, and have begun producing work for other local artists and songwriters. Working on my own Indie release, should be ready late 2009.
angela dittmar Hi Michael!
Many blessings to you in your music ministry!
Thanks for sharing your music!
Yvonne Utz Hey there. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful music. I have really enjoyed!!

ChristianSongWritersNetwork I get to be the first one to post a message here!!! WHOOHOO!!!! Michael, your talents are BLESSED!!!! I added two of your songs to our stations. THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing your awesome music!!!

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