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Ralf Foerthmann
Hannover, Germany
Born on November 20, 1954.
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Rock : Christian Rock
I'm a just one-man-band :-) First I was a worship-leader in church which recorded one CD "Wind des Geistes". My song was the titlesong. Later I played the Blues and Rock with the Scarlet Anvil Band in Hannover, Germany which I left this year.
Rock : Christian Rock
Powerful christian Rockband from Hannover, Germany
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About Me
Old school Jesus Freak, Musician, Worship-leader and Bass-Player in a Blues-Rock Band. Author and writer. Male Nurse, Father of 4 grown up Kids. And: Semaja-Fan! (I came to Jesus in their fellowship 1977) The Guys of the Band allowed me, to use their material here. It's simply too good to be forgotten.
The Bluesfriend   Come to my new Blog - the Bluesfriend.
Knight of the King   I'm the blond german Hero fighting the good fight against all the evil forces of bad music. ;-)
Thanks for adding me to your friends~! [-}
Gott segne jeden von den Mitgliedern der eden und Gleichnis haben einige der besten musikalischen Vermaechtnisse und auch geistige links, und vielen Dank auch an Ralph fuer das Hochladen von diesem Material.
Many thanks for choosing one of my songs for your station. Dave Sugarbeet
Danny Clayburn
Thanks for your kind comments here and on Youtube Ralf!
martin j wood
Hi Ralf, Many thanks for adding High Class Women to your excellent station! Martin Wood.
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