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gabe stenziano
Wayland, ny  USA
Born on August 1, 1950.
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Acoustic : Acoustic Folk
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About Me
To my good friends at Sounclick: as you have probably noticed, i haven't recorded in some time. i may have said all i wanted to say in the songs here and moved on to another part of my life. In any case, thanks for listening over the years. I will still stop by and check this page for messages and to hear some music. a special thanks to those who collaborated with me on some of the music.
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Adirondack 46: dan took this on algonquin  
Adirondack 46, 16 down, 30 to go   me and Dan on Rocky Peak Summit (see in photos)
Adirondack 46   me and Dan on Rocky Peak summit, 11/19/16
Great to hear from you Gabe, and thanks for having a listen to my latest uploads :-) Your library of music you've created is one of the true treasures here at Soundclick. I think about you often my friend. MD
Live each day to it's fullest my friend. cheers t'ya Gabe
Besides hiking what have you been up to lately my friend?
Hi Gabe. I sure hope you find the inspiration to write new stuff. Your songs were always a pleasure to listen to. If you pass by SC, I have a new one up called "Sometimes". Cheers Holger.
Tony DeLecce
Hi Gabe, All the best for you in the new Year.
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