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Tomas Hood
Tomas David Hood
Hamilton, MT  USA
Born on May 5, 1965.
Sep 20, 2010
Times are tough all over. I've felt the economic crunch, personally. Lost a business, lost a home, a living more or less "homeless", working whenever I can. Music tends to take a back seat at these times in life. Some of us have to sell our musical instruments... and I've had to, too.

It has been a while since I could sit down and be creative. I have a draft of a new instrumental, that I am working on. I'd love to hear some critique from you ... and your thoughts on the whole thing. Here's the link. Read the story for the meaning behind the name... "Cross Roads"

Cross Roads - by Tomas David Hood

Thanks, as always, for your time and thoughts.

- Tomas David Hood -
Jan 2, 2010
Working on finishing "Summer Winds", today, in the studio. It is a balmy 38 degrees outside, in contrast with the below freezing temperatures we've been having. But it is rainy and dreary. Studio time seems much more inviting. Today is MUSIC day!

If all goes well, the song will be posted... keep your ears ready!
Jan 2, 2010
The new decade is here! And in this new year, new opportunities are here.

What are you doing in this new decade? What's in store this new year? Success is a journey, I am told. Well, opportunity is right at our grasp. The old year has passed, and ten years are behind us since the big Century change-over. New ways to spread our art, our voices, our music. What are you going to do with this new opportunity?

I'm in the final preparation of "shipping" my EP (four songs) out through Amazon, iTunes, and other outlets. Additionally, new songs with vocals are in the works to be released this year. Yes, that is right - I am not just an instrumentalist. I've been working hard behind the scenes to write some killer songs and I know you will enjoy them.

Become a friend, become a fan, and check in on a regular basis. Not only will you enjoy my current tunes (add them to your playlists, today!), but I am sure the new music will hit that sweet spot in your soul.

Click : Quick link to my music

Happy New Year - May your new year and decade be filled with opportunity and inspiration - go get it!

- tomas david hood -
Dec 25, 2009
Merry Christmas!

May this day bring you peace, joy, and love. I would like to give you a gift, on this Christmas day. I would like to give you the MP3 versions of my three current songs.

If you would come to my Facebook page (see link, below), and become a fan and friend on Facebook, and let me know with a comment that you saw this blog post, then I will send you my three songs via e-mail (once we're friends on Facebook).

Here is the link:


Merry Christmas!
Dec 23, 2009
Thank you to all of you taking a listen to my Rock/Acoustic tune, "The Offering". This was a great writing experience, moving between a major and a minor key. Playing several different guitars (a Peavey T-60 electric, and a Taylor 614ce electro-acoustic) made this piece work well. Please stop by and become a friend, fan, and leave your comments on the music. I appreciate all of the support shown here in the SoundClick community.

Happy Holidays!

- Tomas David Hood -
Dec 20, 2009
Come check out the new look and new content for Tomas David Hood - and while you are here, please become a fan and friend (not fiend and foe!). The music features the guitar compositions and playing of Tomas David Hood. And more music is on its way.

Happy Holidays to you and to your loved ones.
Dec 19, 2009
Times are pretty rough for a lot of us in the real every-day world of earning our living. It can be stressful, trying to keep from losing a job, or, if work can't be had, trying to put food on the table and a roof over the family's heads.

In the middle of that stress, I try to look up and see that life is bigger and time is greater than the moment. Rough times come and good times come. Time marches on.

Hard economic times can feel like a Winter in our journey. Cold. Lifeless. You know what I mean. But, remember: Winter is just a season, and there comes the Spring, and the Summer...

I wrote music about this - waiting for the first Robins of the year. It is the tune, "The Robin (Spring is Coming)". Come take a listen. Let me know what you think...

Living in Montana is a very great blessing. I live in the Bitterroot Valley, south of Missoula. This is an area that Lewis and Clark felt was "paradise" and I agree. With the Bitterroot Mountains to the west, and the Sapphire Mountains to the east, and the Bitterroot river running through this valley, there is great beauty all around. The sky is always changing. I've lived in many places on God's green Earth. Nothing is quite as beautiful to me as Montana.

Jan 25, 2009
Released on January 24, 2009, the new Rock instrumental, 'The Offering' is a song about journies, crossing over from the old to the new, of offering oneself to a higher place.

I'd love to hear your comments.
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