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Russell Clark
Bad Hawaiian Shirts
United Kingdom
Born on June 22, 1965.
My own artist page
Rock : Garage Rock
A band of one trying to get a tune out some inexpensive gear. Very little skill, very little patience, learning all the time!
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About Me
Frustrated would be rock star trying to get a decent tune out of some cheap equipment. http://www.soundclick.com/badhawaiianshirts
News   I recently posted 2 new tracks, Evolution and On the other side, nore to follow shortly.
NEW TRACKS   Check out the new tracks 'Sunday' & 'Chinese Revolution' on my music page.
All the way down Pt2   Hello fellow Soundclickers!

I just uploaded part 2 of 'All the way down' a variation on the possibilities of a very simple chord structure. Part 1 was accoustic, mainly due to frustration. Part 2 is another variation on the same theme, this time a simple electric guitar and drums piece. The track is one guitar part played on my cheap Yamaha strat copy, I added distortion and some on board effects frommy Crate FXT65 amp. There is som simple wah added in the break towards the end. The drums are recorded on top of the guitar part with just two mics as usual.

So far neither part 1 or 2 are ...
Hi Russel! Thank you for playing my songs on your station!! Which bit of Yorkshire are you from? iZZiE
Thanks for adding Alone to your station!!! Watch for our full release on 19 August 2008 thru Renaissance Records. —Scott
Tongue Tied
Thanks for the song ad! Checkin' out your stuff as I type...
the sugar dames
Thank you Darling. xo
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