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Erik Johansen
Avon, CO  USA
Born on February 5, 1968.
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Alternative : Indie
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About Me
I often engross myself with anything that requires imagination and creativity, such as; painting, music, photography and writing. Usually in that order. I have been playing guitar for about 20 years now, but I'm self taught and my teacher was terrible. To a professional it might sound more like 5 years ;-) I also play a little bass and twiddle around on the piano occasionally. All of these songs here have been recorded using the Boss Micro Br mini four-track recorder. I create all the drum arrangements myself on the Micro BR and would absolutely love to learn to play the drums for real some day. I enjoy being strange, but don't like being judged. I like oyster flavored lollipops, tripe, stinky cheeses', Wine (mostly old world), sun spots, hairy armpits on women (just kidding, thats gross!!!) indie and foreign films. I have a self-deprecating sense of humor, and enjoy staring at myself in the mirror. I enjoy breakfast at noon and big bowls of cereal. Oh, and I love to travel. In 2005 I quite my job, sold most of my possessions and traveled for a year straight. I've been to 15 countries... so far my favorite country is China. I have nothing else to say. Wait, thats not true, if you are listening to a song with vocals it's not me singing, more than likely it's either Gabriel Corts (from our band Bolder Park) or James Higgins of Scotland, or Alice Alfsen of Norway.
Really Good Stuff!!! I also post on the MBR site. Jim from Jersey
Super Cool Tunes Bro! Great sounds that sound great!!!! Peace T(Osckilo)
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