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Mitchell Spencer
Pinnacle, NC  USA
Born on June 12, 1953.
My own artist page
Country : Traditional Country
If I can make you happy with my music just a little bit, then I am one happy camper. I love you all. You make it all worth while.
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About Me
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WELCOME and thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy your stay. Sit back, take your shoes off, grab a cup of coffee, relax and stay awhile I have wonderful friends here so please pay them a visit and say hello. Yuo can find my music on itunes, Googleplay, soundcloud, emusic, cdbaby. Merry Chr
Good music, there is nothing like making music.
Thank you, too Mitch for all your kind messages and ratings.
Thank you for the add make sure and subscribe to the newsletter so that you can stay up to date on what is happening in the Northwest. I give updates on the artists, concerts, venues, tour schedules, KRLC radio show and Tommy Tucker. Don't miss the updates on Juni Fisher and Joni Harms concerts coming up in June. If you have a newsletter make sure and subscribe my email is bdominguez2001@yahoo.com
Thanks for the song addy CHEERS: Claude and Noella
I'm stopping by my page here to let you what I've been up too beings I haven't been around for a while. I've been on tour playing 6 too 7 days a week all summer long. I'm home for a few days and wanted to wish all my great friends here on Sound Click the best of luck with your band and music and to my Fans. I love you. God Bless you all. Mitch
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