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Palm Beach, FL  USA
Born on October 3, 1980.
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About Me
Nomad comes from a very musical family, where his father played woodwinds, and his mother played piano as well as vocals. Born in Jamaica, NY, and being of Jamaica, WI descent, music played a very intricate part in his personal life. "I used to hate listening to Bob Marley & The Wailers, Third World, Jimmy Cliff, etc. Now, it seems like I can't seem to get my hands on enough of their music." Nomad started out with taking piano lessons back in the late 80's in San Antonio, TX. "My older sister, what up Melle!?!, and I used to take lessons with Mrs. Baird, a sweet elderly Asian woman with a bit of a feline obsession. "No lie, she had about 25 cats in the house. Mad allergies." He dropped the keys and picked up the saxophone that his grandfather had given him one summer. "I used to hang the sax on my bedroom wall because it looked cool. It was an alto, and I remember teaching myself how to play a couple of major scales." Nomad played sax/woodwinds from junior high through college, where he was then introduced to the MPC2000. After deciding to start his home studio, Nomad geared up began to experiment with sampling. "I'm all about sampling 50's & 60's Straight Ahead Jazz, as well as Roots Reggae, and 70's Soul & Funk." Currently, Nomad has plans to open up his own commercial studio in Palm Beach, FL. One
Creativity   Why are so many people afraid of being themselves? Isn't is easier to go with the truth instead of some fugaziness? Creativity comes from the heart & soul, not from pretending to be something you're not. At the end of the day, I sleep a lot easier knowing I did it my way. Hate is or love it. To all my good peeps out there in pursuit of your musical dreams, life is short. Be as creative as you can 150% of the time. Push yourself to the absolute limits. Make it hurt. But always enjoy it. Stay sharp.

Been a while since i checked out my online friends, wassup musician ? blessed love on your page this day
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Merry Christmas Holidays my dear SoundClick friend! Blessings of LOVE, Grace, Salvation, Joy, Peace and Prosperity to you and all your beloved ones this coming New Year and beyond this generation. Rosa Banks
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