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Elijah Arnold
Laramie, WY  USA
Born on May 8, 1988.
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About Me
I am not a listener to say...I rap and I am always looking for new beats. I am just starting out and I dont have the money, however, I sponsore and show mad-love to anyone who helps out. Right now I have several ideas for beats so if you would like to get noticed just contact me and maybe we can work together to get to da top that we all desire. Anyways a little more about myself. I rap almost any style. My raps are of a Rock/Rap based. I like Instrumentals with hooks the most. I like taking my favorite songs and making them for others to enjoy who dont listen to that particular genre. I have also been told that the way I rap and how I do it is basically a Genre in its own.

ANYONE INTERESTED IN GETTING SPONSORED OR PROMOTED!?   I am an underground rap artist, trying to make it big like everyone else out here. I listen to you all create some of the most sickest beats thats truly killing the scene. However, some of you arn't getting noticed. Would you like to? I'm residing in a small College town which means sh*** spreads around fast. Considering that a lot of students I meet are from Washington, North Dakota, North Carolina, Florida, etc. This blog is a BIG proposal to all producers of beats on soundclick. I have several beat Ideas. If you are willing to make the beat, I will personally sponsore you as that particular...
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