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About Me
just started the Christian Hip-Hop game and i do it to praise His name that's my mission to worship God even if you think its odd, I'm just trying to reach lost souls, so they don't burn in hell's coals got it??
Spirit West Coast!   First, I wanna apologize for not making my Monday schedule, but I was camping. Second, I gotta say that Brinson's "Escaping Me" CD is INCREDIBLE!!! My copy just got here yesterday, and I'm VERY impressed, it has the perfect feel to it, it has a sort of soul music feel to it in the begginning. I'm also extremely pleased with ReadyWriter's "Poetic Freedom Mixtape"; make sure to get your copies at www.godchaserz.com. You can also check out three of their albums on Itunes: "Jihad"-Jovan Mackenzy, "Conduit"-ReadyWriter, and "Dat's Gospel Mixx". If you still aren't convinced, go to www.myspace.com/...
Party people, what's happening??   What up yall, it is PEACE BACK AGAIN! Yes, here for another Monday blog. Speaking of which, what happened yall? I only got like two comments on my last blog, SE and my buddy Garrett. I rest my case, I'm just gonna keep on rollin anyways. I gotta give a shoutout to my buddy Tim, he's worked so hard on a site and both of us would really appreciate it if you checked it out. It offers FREE CHRISTIAN HIP-HOP DOWNLOADS! CHECK IT OUT AT WWW.CH-HC.COM or WWW.CHRISTIANHIPHOPCENTRAL.COM. For those of you that don't know, my parents decided to enroll me in a six week "algebra academy". I am happy to say ...
And Here We Go....   Alright, before I get into anything, first I gotta give a shout out to Tim. Check out his site at www.ch-hc.com OR www.christianhiphopcentral.com it offers FREE downloads, including FULL MIXTAPES and the LATEST CHRISTIAN HIP HOP NEWS!!! SO CHECK IT OUT!!! Alright, "And here we go...." Yessuh! I saw it! The Dark Knight, with the late Heath Ledger, I saw it Sunday! It is quite the movie, I'm actually planning on seeing it again, it is THAT good. Heath Ledger really plays his part well, it's so sinister and yet everything he does is funny, I can't explain it! Now onto my blog.... Oh one more ...
no rush no rush. my sn is diverseCity137 if ya wanna talk about it.
hey peace!
ac and foxyrox
What's Good Bro?!?! Holla.
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