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Born on March 13, 1951.
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Country : Alternative Country
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About Me
My name is Bob Caruana, i live in Portsmouth england, i been writing and singing, mainly love songs, for about 12 years, i used to be a lead singer with a group many years ago, i also teach martial arts.
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Liked Harry Edgar's song Dreaming.mp3. Jun 17, 2012
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Hey Bob, how ya been doing? I pray well... I'ts been awhile since I have done anything, but a friend of mine in North Carolina "Gerald T. Lassiter Jr." sent me a song he wrote called "At Calvary", so I had a music track made. So the song is his, and the music is mine. I hope you can check it out. Murphy
Anne Frida
I wish you a wonderful weekend Bob :) Hugs from Anne
I feel fortunate to be part of the soundclick family; thanks for all you do- I esteem your friendship: have a great new year.Keep up the great contribution's. Doesn't get better than this---------soooo much talent here.
hello bob hope all is well with you and the family. alls ok here at the present time . u have a wonderful day tc hugs xxxxx
hello bob hope u and the family are all well alls good here . absolutely love ur ne w song Mamma its magnificent , tc hugs and love xxxxx
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