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Vesa Peltonen
Vesa Peltonen
Thunder Bay, Ontario  Canada
Born on February 7, 1953.
My own artist page
Alternative : Experimental
I am a solo artist who works through the internet. However I play and have played with various musicians; in eclectic music but mostly bluesy jazz, acoustic or
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About Me
I'm an eclectic artist, musically and in visual arts. I also teach art/design, amongst other subject. I am a qualified guidance counsellor. I'm an award winning artist, in art and music. My artwork is sold around the world. Check out my website. http://www.peltonendesign.piczo.com (under construction)
Recent Activity
Liked Michael Palmieri's song Big and Dangerous. Aug 27, 2013
Liked Michael Palmieri's song Suspense. Jun 9, 2013
Liked Michael Palmieri's song TV Sports Fanfare. May 21, 2012
Andrew Crawford
Come check me out Vesa
Hi Vesa Thanks for the kind words on my music! I have a midi-mic on my guitar which give me acess to all the synth-sounds. On my latest I blend the guitar with a flute-sound. I've got a huge Muddy Waters vibe listening to your guitar! Love your style of playing - You are truly inspired from those old players. Its yust like hearing them! Have a great upcoming week! Falch
G'day, Vesa, Thank you for adding me to your friends, I appreciate it:). Also, nice to meet another finn here, not many of us around, heh heh heh! All the best, Mauri.
Hey, Thanks for accepting our friends request :). All the best. Maclean Media http://www.soundclick.com/MacleanMedia
zilia tol
Hi Vesa, today I'm celebrating love and friendship, so I'm sharing a song wiht my friends. It's a very special song to me. It's called "Love in my heart" and you can download it this weekend. Hope you'll keep it in your heart and share it with those you love. Musically, Zilia
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