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David Hayes
Memphis, TN  USA
Born on April 8, 1986.
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HipHop : Positive Vibes
East Coast lyricism plus Memphis locale = dH
HipHop : Hardcore Rap
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About Me
Well, long story short, I'm an aspiring actor/MC originally from the DC metro area. Been writin' lyrics since age 14, and I'm finally starting to put myself out there in both industries. As you can probably tell by my list of favorite MCs, I'm into REAL hip-hop, not the B.S. on the radio 24/7. With that being said, I guess I'm more of a poet/storyteller than anything else. So, if there's anyone on here that's willing to work wit' me, holla at me.
hey love ur the blog..nyc
cane murphy
what up shyrocc, its Cane Murphy a.k.a redrum . I wanna say good lookin on adding me to your station. I respect ya grind, i been in the rap game for a hot minute. and getting love from my debut album and video feels good.specially cause i fighting for my life in and out of hospitals right now. check me in XXL Magazines Feburary issue 2010.. respect, Cane Murphy a.k.a. REDRUM www.soundclick.com/canemurpy www.myspace.com/canemurphy
haha thanks man, I'm actually thinkin' about re-doin that song altogether. and I can't wait to hear what your gonna do with that revelations track, I pretty much forgot all about it haha.
Good job on the individuality song. I'm really feelin' that. Keep it up Shyy Rocc.
Hi D. Haze!!! Wutz up?! Keep doin' good wit da music gig and you know I got your back and I love you!!! Peace baby!
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