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Mike Vargas
Born on November 20, 1965.
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Pop : Contemporary Christian
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About Me
My birth One of, great things that I look forward to in heaven is finally meeting my older brother, who died in the womb. My Dad was a alcoholic, and a violent drunk. The sight of Dad coming home, and beating Mom was a nightly routine for my older syblings Eddie, Maggie, and Joane. My mother was carrying her fourth child when in a drunken rage Dad punched her in the womb, and killed his unborn son. This was the end of the earthly brother that I long to meet, in the Heaven. Only God and another women who violently lost a child, would understand what Mom went through at that time. She took care of her three remaining kids, and her husband, but still mourned over lost of her fourth child two years after his funeral. In front of our South Philadelphia home, God sent my mother a messenger. As mom was cying for her lost babe, an old prophetess, came up to her with words of comfort. God spoke through his servant saying that he had heard the cry of Mom's heart, and felt her pain, and had chosen to have mercy on her, by giving her another son to replace the one that was lost. This son would be a priest of he most high, and the Almighty would overshadow him all of his days. In November of 1965, God kept his word by bringing me into this world. The Devil did not want me here. He tried to take me out early, by sending a witch to antagonize Mom while she carried me. In the Italian market this evil woman tried to curse the fruit of my mother's womb with death, namely me. As m
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Hey prophetsong, thanks for checkin out my site! There are a couple of sites for Christian song writers that I would like to share with you, they helped me greatly over the last year. You can post your lyrics and receive help on your lyrics and your songs as well. They also help with recording, and really anything else. We are all doing our best to glorify God, and help each other write and record to the best of our abilities. Here are the sites www.christiansongwriters.org www.christiansongwriting.org It only takes a couple of minutes to sign up, its free, and it would be great to have you join us there! Take care, and God Bless! Todd
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